Management and board



Britta Burreau, Managing Director of KPA AB

Ninni Wibeck

Ninni Wibeck, Life & Pension Services.
Master of science in business and economics. Has previously worked within the municipality sector and in different consulting firms. Experience from insurance, pensions and IT through different management rolls within KPA Pension and Folksam. Born in 1973.

 Inge Bäckström Inge Bäckström, Head of Sales.
Long experience of the pensions and insurance sectors while working for Skandia, Thule and KPA Pension. Management positions within sales, marketing, business development, consultancy services and market and business intelligence. Acting Managing Director of KPA Pensionsservice and KPA Pensionstjänst. Born in 1956.
Jeanette Almér Jeanette Almér, Head of Business.
Economics graduate from Stockholm University. Broad experience from the financial industry and strategic development. Worked in various business development roles at SPP and Handelsbanken, and as a management consult at Capgemini Consulting. Born in 1973.
Johan Sjöström Johan Sjöström, Head of Marketing and Development.
Bsc in Economics, and Master program in insurance as add-on from Uppsala University. 25 years experience within business and market development from the life and non-life insurance sector. Member of the European Association of Public Sector Pension Institutions since 10 years. Born in 1968.
Bent Malmsjö, chief actuary Bent Malmsjö, Chief Actuary.
Higher education in mathematics and mathematical statistics. Experience from the insurance industry in various acuarial roles at AFA Insurance, Folksam and 14 years at Skandia. Born in 1969.
co-opted members
Camilla Ankelstam

Camilla Ankelstam, IT, Life & Pension.
Education in economics. Experience from the financial and insurance industry within IT and economics. Worked at SEB Trygg Liv, KPA Pension and Folksam in various leadership roles. Born in 1972.





Jens Henriksson, CEO Folksam Group


Lena Micko, president of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions


Anders Knape, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Pia Marions, CFO Folksam

Elisabeth Sasse, segment manager Folksam

Håkan Sörman, managing director of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Pia Carlsson Thörnqvist, communications director Folksam

Lena Dahl, Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Lenita Granlund, Sveriges Kommunalarbetarförbund

Christer Romilson, OFR

Ann-Charlotte Tollqvist, employees representative, FTF Folksam

Susanna Järnek, employees representative Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, KPA

Thomas Månsson, employees representative FTF Folksam, deputy