How we work keeping people and the environment in mind

Since 1998, we have been working for a sustainable future by taking active responsibility for people and the environment. Social responsibility is not just about managing all of the investment capital using ethical criteria. It also makes demands upon us as a company.

How we work keeping people and the environment in mind

We must, of course, set a good example and practise as we preach. In other words, our efforts to provide secure and ethical savings opportunities for local authority and county council employees are to permeate throughout our entire organisation.

Consideration for people and the environment is at the core of our business mission and is well rooted throughout our organisation. We work actively to minimise our own environmental impact, to create a good working environment for all employees and to support appropriate programmes within the community.

Some examples of our involvement:

  • For several years now we have collaborated with the Swedish United Nations Association in the fight to eliminate mines, especially in affected areas in Cambodia.
  • We support the Swedish United Nations Association campaign Flicka (‘Girl’) which strives to uphold the rights of girls and young women and improve their opportunities in life. Among other things, they are working to abolish child marriages.
  • Together with Folksam, we are financing a long-term research project into retirement pensions at the medical university Karolinska Institutet. The aim of the project is to improve the life quality of younger retirement pensioners.

Ethical investment

Pension funds around the world have a great deal of power. They have the power to change the future and the power to affect the global development of sustainability. It is therefore important how pension funds are invested. In this respect, we have actively decided to manage pension funds following clearly defined investment criteria. We apply two principles: influence and exclusion.

Change through influence

It is within the following areas we wish to influence the business world to take responsibility for people and the environment:

Human rights

Our clients’ savings are invested in companies which respect human rights. By carrying on a dialogue with companies, we can influence them to take greater responsibility for human rights issues.


We invest our clients’ savings in companies which actively work to reduce their negative impact upon the environment. We play an active role in the development of green energy by only investing in selected energy providers who are working towards developing sustainable energy.


We want to influence the companies we invest in by preventing corruption in their business dealings. Corruption is a major problem in many countries. It eliminates fair competition and it stunts economic growth and social progress

Exclusion rules

In the following areas, we do not invest at all:


We do not invest in business activities which harm people and the environment. One such area is the arms trade. We have defined arms as products which are made to kill or maim people or devastate places and which are sold to military users.


We do not invest in companies which produce tobacco products. For us, tobacco production includes ownership of tobacco plantations and the manufacture of cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, moist snuff, chewing tobacco and other tobacco products.


KPA Pension does not invest in companies which produce alcoholic beverages by which we mean drinks with an alcohol content of more than 2.25% by volume.


We do not invest in companies whose business is commercial gambling by which we mean casinos and gambling clubs.