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We wish to emphasize that we really are active and that we are serious about what we say and do. Our concept is to provide secure pensions with active social responsibility.
In several ways. We invest pension plan money ethically. We work together with the global responsibility (Global Compact) UN initiative and follow their ten principles. Moreover, KPA Pension closely follows the work which is currently being done by SIS (Swedish Standards Institute) in drawing up common guidelines in the world for assuming social responsibility in organisations, i.e. the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Project.
Our main influence is obtained through our ethical investments of pension funds. Our criteria help to control world development. And we encourage those companies in which we invest to take their own responsibility.
In regard to investing pension funds, customers think it is important to support children’s rights, human rights and the environment. And we know many of our clients like the company to take active responsibility. Among other things they want our corporate governance to see to that more women are seated on company boards and that bonus programs become more reasonable.
Not necessarily. There are some commercial activities we do not invest in, some years this policy favours us, some years not.
All KPA Pension personnel are environment trained and observe our environment policy for waste sorting. Our travel policy dictates we do not fly to destinations nearer than 500 kilometres distant. We operate distinct internal ethical guidelines that influence such areas as representation and gifts. And we set an example by our personnel having a significant commitment to society, most recently in connection with the tsunami catastrophe, in aid of which our personnel collected 21,300 Swedish crowns.
KPA Pension wishes to make a positive contribution to social development and we are involved in areas that lie close to the hearts of our customers, human rights and environment being two examples. Throughout the remainder of 2007, we continue to work with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), which is the biggest nature conservation and environmental organisation in Sweden with 170 000 members and 274 local branches across the whole country. The SSNC co-operates with a large number of organisations in various parts of the world. In Europe SSNC works through sharing of experiences and conducting joint campaigns with similar organisations. For example, co-operation within the Coalition Clean Baltic, CCB, where joint campaigning with NGO’s in other countries bordering the Baltic Sea has increased awareness of environmental problems and initiated international actions to reduce pollution levels in our common sea.
The Global Compact is a framework for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption . As the world's largest, global corporate citizenship initiative, the Global Compact is first and foremost concerned with exhibiting and building the social legitimacy of business and markets.