Our history

Our history goes back more than 90 years to when SKP (the Pension Fund of the Swedish Municipal Workers) started up. We insured 400 people in eleven towns. Over the years since then, we have grown into a full-scale pensions company for the local government sector.

We currently take care of the pensions for approximately one million employees of local authorities and county councils and we are the pensions administrators for 80% of Sweden’s local authorities and most of its county councils.

Some milestones along the way:

1922 SKP (the Pension Fund of the Swedish Municipal Workers) is founded

1956 We change our name to KPA (The Co-operative Pensions Institute)

1995 We change our name to till Kommunsektorns Pension AB (‘Local Government Pensions Company’). During the 1990s, the traditional insurance sector changed and our business was subjected to competition.

1998 The board of directors take a decision on ethical investments. We are the first financial services company in the Nordic countries to receive ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems.

1999 SKP is disbanded.

2000 We change our name back to till KPA. Folksam is the new majority owner. For the first time, local government sector employees can choose with which company they want their occupational pensions.

2004 We are the first in the industry to introduce fair distribution of money using a new consolidation policy.

2005 KPA Pension is used as a concept, when referring to all its subsidiaries.

2006 The KAP-KL pension agreement comes into force.